Thursday, 30 March 2017

I See A Moth

Waiting for bluebells, Spring is here! I've been filling up books and doing more large pastel studies on boards in my bedroom. My own sketchbooks have been neglected since I started  my art foundation because I've had to hand in different ones that need a lot of work which is sad, but soon I can go back to them when summer starts.
I've been listening to Connan Mockasin for sickly spring feelings and last week I saw The Garden live at Scala; they did forward rolls across the stage in long leather coats and red and white face paint, while the crowd was suffocating. I bought red light bulbs for  my bedroom and a red hat. Colour is coming back into everything outside and in my painting and drawing !

Hockney bedroom and sleepy girls on the wall


Easter wishes to all x 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dancing Ostriches and Scrambled Eggs


New year is approaching so I have been sorting through all my sketchbooks from the last 12 months, and looking back through it all made me realise I really have had sucha nice time. 
The best exhibition I visited was Malborough London's Paula Rego Ostriches, which showed her huge pastel drawings of a frumpy, ageing ballerina posed as an inelegant bird on a shabby leather sofa. Best album of 2016 was pretty Beach House's Thank Your Lucky Stars
I talked to Grayson Perry about the weather, finished a big commission for two oil paintings, saw Beach House n Parquet Courts live, found a top notch pair of Little Mermaid sunglasses, danced on a kitchen table, had work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, sort of learnt how to knit, visited Derek Jarman's house, made a big plastic book about meaty flesh, left school and started my art foundation which has all been really lovely ! 

There's not much else to say except below are selected pages from my last three sketchbooks, and I leave my 2017 Resolution here in the form of a song x 

R Tist trying

Happy New Year friends hope u all have a smashing time 
x G