Wednesday, 9 August 2017



My final paintings showed in the end of year Foundation show at The Royal Drawing School featured three morose girls who live in the mirror. Each part of the triptych is a window into a distorted world, boxed in by its glass edges. Trapped there live three bored, sunburnt girls who play idly with things they have found, waiting for something to happen. Sometimes they sulkily edge into one another’s frames when the others aren’t looking. 

 Detail of triptych

 Studio space
Dusky fox girl

Artist Residency at Dumfries House, Scotland

Our foundation course got to visit Dumfries for a week of en plein air in the greenhouses, fields and gardens, despite two days of torrential rain. We were painting outside everyday: River-paddling, roses, rain and red oil paint on my best coat for which I will never forgive Jack.

Jack in the greenhouse

Rose Garden


Homage to my cactus plants which will probably die this summer from neglect.

This is a small plastic toy of mine with really soft bright blue hair, on which I used to scrawl angry messages in gel pen when I was sulking as a child. It is a small oil sketch on canvas.


The Accidental by Ali Smith 
Perfume by Peter Suskind 
The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild 
The Summer Book by Tove Jansson 
The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
I Love Dick by Chris Kraus
Vanity Fair by William Thackeray 
Women, Art And Society by Whitney Chadwick   (currently reading)


Stay cool this summer

Thursday, 30 March 2017

I See A Moth

Waiting for bluebells, Spring is here! I've been filling up books and doing more large pastel studies on boards in my bedroom. My own sketchbooks have been neglected since I started  my art foundation because I've had to hand in different ones that need a lot of work which is sad, but soon I can go back to them when summer starts.
I've been listening to Connan Mockasin for sickly spring feelings and last week I saw The Garden live at Scala; they did forward rolls across the stage in long leather coats and red and white face paint, while the crowd was suffocating. I bought red light bulbs for  my bedroom and a red hat. Colour is coming back into everything outside and in my painting and drawing !

Hockney bedroom and sleepy girls on the wall


Easter wishes to all x 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dancing Ostriches and Scrambled Eggs


New year is approaching so I have been sorting through all my sketchbooks from the last 12 months, and looking back through it all made me realise I really have had sucha nice time. 
The best exhibition I visited was Malborough London's Paula Rego Ostriches, which showed her huge pastel drawings of a frumpy, ageing ballerina posed as an inelegant bird on a shabby leather sofa. Best album of 2016 was pretty Beach House's Thank Your Lucky Stars
I talked to Grayson Perry about the weather, finished a big commission for two oil paintings, saw Beach House n Parquet Courts live, found a top notch pair of Little Mermaid sunglasses, danced on a kitchen table, had work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, sort of learnt how to knit, visited Derek Jarman's house, made a big plastic book about meaty flesh, left school and started my art foundation which has all been really lovely ! 

There's not much else to say except below are selected pages from my last three sketchbooks, and I leave my 2017 Resolution here in the form of a song x 

R Tist trying

Happy New Year friends hope u all have a smashing time 
x G