Monday, 29 July 2013

looks like rain

A few days ago I went to Southbank to see an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and take some photos, and there was a thing on at the Southbank Center called 'Neighbourhood Festival,' which was encouraging a more friendly and neighbourly atmosphere all over London. To help this, they'd put up these quite creepy posters all over the site that read slogans like 'Oh hello..I live upstairs' and 'You look nice today'- they were quite odd. I felt like I was being chatted up by a sign post (wuut??) but I thought they were sorta raad too, and the colours of blue and yellow all over the grey concrete of the Southbank looked beaut- so go down there if you have a chance before the festival ends. 
There's also a sort of eco-environment friendly-100% natural-britain in bloom-anti global warming-plant growing project at Southbank so there are random plants and vegetable patches dotted all over the site which looks so bizarre against the urban stone/graffiti background of Central London..
Another thing going on there is the Save Southbank campaign, which is a project devoted to stopping the council moving the Skate Park away from where it is now. You can read about it here and here so go and vote guyzz its totally worthwhile and the skating undercroft is so cool but it's being replaced by more restaurants and shops which Southbank most definitely does NOT need so gogogo. 

Im going to Italy for a few days tomorrow, so I wont be posting -but please keep sending things in for my zine (which I've decided will be called CONTRA, and the theme is 'growing up' so send me anything you like and I'll possibly feature it) and have an awesome summer xo

Thursday, 25 July 2013

submit to my zine?

Late last night I found myself trawling many different blogs to find people with zines that accepted submissions because I wanted to be part of one, which made me realise that I'd be much happier and less sleep deprived if I just made my own. 
So partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'd love to see some other people's work, I'm asking anyone who cares to send me your art, photography, writing, playlists and anything else you want to share, so I can put it in my first zine.

The theme is going to be 'Growing Up' so if you want to submit anything vaguely related to that word then go ahead and email me at: 

Put 'submission' in the email's title and write your name or whatever few words you might want to include with the work in the message. 
There isn't really a deadline for sending me stuff because this will be a relaxed project but I hope some of you send me something to include, thanks xo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

summer's here

I am loving summer right now- I've gone swimming in the Hampstead Heath ponds every morning, watched Ghost World for the first time (which made me want to record and draw a lot more), gone on a very successful shopping trip and relaxed in this really strange heatwave that Britain is having. Seriously, I don't understand why it's so hot, it was 5 degrees hotter than Greece yesterday to give you all some perspective #saywhaat
I'm currently working on making a huge playlist for when I go on holiday, and (as you may have already realized) I am a total organizing freak, so I've made lists of everything I'll need to bring with me and buy before because I can't stop myself.

 Shoes: new look, Sunglasses: brick lane stall, Jeans: etsy, Camera: car boot sale

I'm always redoing the pictures on my wall so I took some photos to show what it looks like right now. I love having all my favourite images and leaflets stuck up in one place because I can stare at them from my bed when I wake up. The pictures include several Morrissey/Smiths posters, Submarine themed postcards, polaroids and NME pages. It sums up a lot of my interests and obsessions and it feels like my own personal gallery.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

☼ summer update ☼

So I just got home from a week in Cornwall with the coolest gal, Rachel where we had the best time. It was so hot there so we just swam all day and jumped off the stone wall that juts out into the sea and then sunbathed and watched films, which was perfect. On a visit to the nearest town, we went into a junk shop where we found an old i-zone Polaroid camera which (if you can afford the ridiculously priced film) prints your photo onto a sticker which is awesome. Rachel got an underwater camera as well and I bought my new favourite thing ever: an old Praktica Super TL analogue camera that I intend to start using as soon as possible for this summer, so watch this space for when I start taking photos..

Monday, 22 July 2013

appreciate: spending days alone

I'm an only child, so I spend a lot of time alone, and with the summer holidays just starting for me, there'll almost definitely be a few days where all my friends are away so I'll have to find something to do on my own, let alone the fact that I will have to entertain myself when I go on holiday with just my parents.
#firstworldproblems #hardlyfe #prayforGeorgie
(Im only joking I dont actually take hashtags seriously)

Anyway, my point is that spending time alone is normally seen as a 'sad' thing to do, for people with no social life, but it can be fun. Spending a day alone means you don't have to compromise on what you do or when you do it. So guyzz ditch yo friends and chill with yoselff. Embrace lonerism like Tame Impala.

Last summer all my lucky friends had gone away on dream holidays to the Caribbean and Ibiza and places like that but I was 'stuck' in London for a few days, so I went on a day trip into Central London to visit art galleries and sit by the Thames and guess who I met at the tube station? The best person ever from my favourite film: Craig Roberts who plays Oliver Tate in Submarine and that, children, is my first point: If I'd gone with someone else, they might have been late so we missed the tube or wanted to go somewhere else. 
I spent the rest of my break exploring places in London I'd never been before, like the cool back alleys in Shoreditch, the canal walk from Camden to Maida Vale and the Southbank area and drawing wherever I went.
It's always good to be alone with your thoughts once in a while and go out and see something you've been wanting to go to that none of your friends are interested in.

So pack yourself a bag and take a day trip to an art gallery or a music store and eat dangerous amounts of your favourite food and take your own time, while feeling blissfully un-judged. Or take supplies and a stack of DVDs or CDs and lock yourself in your room making art while watching and listening to new or old favourite films and albums.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

☾ what the water gave me ☽

^Collected tumblr photos proving that turquoise water is the best thing ever. 

When I went to Greece last year the sea was just like that and it was perfect and summery.. I used to watch loads of underwater documentaries when I was little because I love the sea, and anything to do with it. If anyone's ever been to London Zoo you might know that the aquarium used to have this massive tank at the end of it with one big shark swimming round in it, which was always my favourite bit of the zoo but they moved it to another zoo and I can remember being really sad about it..
Also when I was probably about 6 I went to the New Jersey (USA) aquarium there which is the best thing ever because it has a tunnel that you can walk through and see the fish above you..There's also one in a Sea Life aquarium in Helsinki, Finland which I forced my family to take me to when we went on holiday there.

The Little Mermaid was always my favourite film when I was younger
 (we can all admit we would sell our souls for Ariel's hair)

 syne apparel shortss

Ocean-inspired fashion is also beautifull  :

'Pool Party' nails £5

Sunday, 7 July 2013

strawberry fields forever

I've finally broken up from school, meaning I have 2 months to relax and forget everything I learned before the exams. I've started watching Skins and its so good, I definitely recommend. I don't have much to say seeing as I haven't gone away yet, but in a week I'll be going to Cornwall and then Italy and France later on which is exciting

I watched Donnie Darko a few months ago now, but after rewatching it I developed a massive girl crush on Gretchen Ross, the character who plays Donnie's girlfriend. She's so pretty and I love her although she has a hideous name- dem eyebrows guyss

I bought some Levi shorts from Rokit in Camden yesterday and theyre awesomee, 
outfit of the day: 
Tracey Emin top, Rokit shorts, Liberty/Nike airwalks and Brick Lane sunglasses
I really hope this will be a good summer, because it's my last proper holiday before all my GCSE's and other exams start next year which I can't even think about rn, so I'm going to go and sunbathe now, this is me and my awesome friend Tom yesterday: