Thursday, 11 July 2013

☾ what the water gave me ☽

^Collected tumblr photos proving that turquoise water is the best thing ever. 

When I went to Greece last year the sea was just like that and it was perfect and summery.. I used to watch loads of underwater documentaries when I was little because I love the sea, and anything to do with it. If anyone's ever been to London Zoo you might know that the aquarium used to have this massive tank at the end of it with one big shark swimming round in it, which was always my favourite bit of the zoo but they moved it to another zoo and I can remember being really sad about it..
Also when I was probably about 6 I went to the New Jersey (USA) aquarium there which is the best thing ever because it has a tunnel that you can walk through and see the fish above you..There's also one in a Sea Life aquarium in Helsinki, Finland which I forced my family to take me to when we went on holiday there.

The Little Mermaid was always my favourite film when I was younger
 (we can all admit we would sell our souls for Ariel's hair)

 syne apparel shortss

Ocean-inspired fashion is also beautifull  :

'Pool Party' nails £5

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