Saturday, 24 May 2014

Tarot Luv

Now that my very important exams have started everything has, ironically, calmed down because I've sort of realised that they're not that bad, and summer is fast approaching.
I started watching Twin Peaks and it's so so beautiful and mysterious and Agent Cooper is super fab, yes pls damn fine coffee <3 
OOh also I took part in the lovely Amber's photo-a-day challenge which is here.

Today I sat on my roof, ate blueberries and peaches, listened to Bob Dylan and Mac Demarco, looked at my new David Hockney book, blew bubbles and read a book about Tarot cards to work on my witchy powers ~pls join my coven~
But keep scrolling, friends, because I've make lots of new sketchbook pages and things that are scanned below xo
I also made a lil mini zine about pyromania and things that radiate light called 'Seeing Red?' (which is my new favourite phrase after 'True Blue'.)
When am I finding time to revise you may ask? the answer is never. #truteenrebel

 Zine fun:
Thank you for putting up with me as always goodbye xo

Saturday, 10 May 2014

True Blue

(Dis is me n my cacti hangin out)
Richard Ayoade and I share the same favourite colour: blue foreverandever.

Recently, I went to a top garden in Cornwall with lots of cacti and huge aloe plants and hanging vines and a little waterfall which was so lovely; there was also a Richard Turrell art installation that consisted of a circular white room with an oval hole in the ceiling that you could stare up at, and it was super cool (white photos below). 
Life iz sad tho because I have exams and my film photos all scanned in green which is gross, so I think my scanner is still broken.. </3

Oh but also the most amazing thing happened.. I went to a FREE PEACE GIG on Thursday in Pimlico with a friend which was so so amazing, because it was the third time I have seen them live and I they are getting better and better each time. We queued outside the venue for 2 hours in the grey rain until suddenly the doors opened and we piled into the stifling basement. There was no stage, just microphones on the floor, so I was only a metre away from dearest Harrison and Doug for their hour long set, which contained new gems such as 'Money' and 'World Pleasure', along with classics such as 'Wraith' and 'Bloodshake'. Doug did his little dance while he played and then he momentarily held my hand at the end when I reached out to him, while Harrison crooned to the crowd "baby, ur out of my league". It was the greatest gig I've ever been to and I can't wait to see them in summer again. Peace have become super funky from what their new material sounds like, and I really really really love them.

(You can almost see me reaching for Doug (behind the girl with reddish hair, to the right of Harrison <3)
The Richard Turrell light room:

tru blu luv inspo 

Got super uncreative this week and just printed things out instead:

Cycling away from my responsibilities (iGCSEs can burn in hell)