Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Blue Blue electric Blue


David Bowie is dead and I can listen to anything else except Sound and Vision / One of my earliest memories is jumping on my bed with my mother listening to Hunky Dory on record- I know everyone has memories that they can recall just like that one, and that's why he was so wonderful.
I lay on my bedroom floor and listened to Young Americans on the day it happened /

It's my last year of school so things are v hectic, hence the lack of posting anything recently..
I'm hoping to go to Art Foundation in London next year followed by History of Art at Cambridge uni (which I got an offer for eek).

Sometimes I listen to Late Night tales with Belle & Sebastian and run a bath to stay warm.
I want it to be sunny and not to have any looming exams(!)
But the morning and afternoon light in Winter is also so lovely / About two years ago I went on a long walk following the Thames around Canary Wharf to Greenwich North, and I managed to retrace it a few days ago, going past the wharfs and disused docks until I reached the empty building sites that surround the O2. It was so quiet there and I didn't see anyone or hear anything for about four hours except for the distant clanking of cranes.

I'm going to run away in Summer to Europe and spend that one hour longer in the National Gallery in Vienna that had the Egypt and Roman sculptures that I didn't get to see last year/ And I'm going to see everything in Berlin and Budapest and go back to Florence / I'm going to spend hours and hours on trains and read so many books and make sure I fill about 3 sketchbooks/ I also want to explore the English coast more/go back to Cornwall and go to Dungeness to visit Derek Jarman's house on the beach which I saw as a child.

Don't you wonder sometimes
'Bout sound and vision?

Blue, blue, electric blue

That's the color of my room where I will live

Blue, blue

Pale blinds, drawn all day
Nothing to do, nothing to say

Stay out of the cold n speak soon x