Sunday, 27 September 2015

Rock Bottom

I want to curl up under a pile of dead leaves with woodland vibes away from the harsh autumn winds and horror of it all. 

School has begun again and Autumn is coming and the nights are getting longer. I have been listening to Real Lies, the new Hot Chip Album Why Make Sense? (and am seeing them live in October which will be so good), Sonic Youth, Zoo Kid and Grateful Dead; I also made an Autumnal playlist on Spotify/

It's all getting v stressful having to send off art school and uni applications and getting my portfolio together, but Im really excited about my new art project which is focusing on the body and I've been making cropped oil paintings of hands and faces and looking at Anthony Van Dyck and Rembrandt. Soon ish I'm going to introduce more colour and merge into more expressive brushstrokes with interesting colours and maybe look at some Willem de Kooning painting.

Outside my course I'm doing fast line drawings and gestural small paintings about dance too, which is coming soon!!

In the last month I've also been on a trip to Margate which was so sweet; the sun shone forever and spent the whole day there, swimming and playing arcade games. English Seaside towns are my favourite places; I want to go back to Margate again soon when the theme park in which Tracey Emin spent most of her childhood: Dreamland will be officially reopening soon and I want to take a pilgrimage there.

I went to the British Museum recently too and saw the exhibition on metalpoint drawings, from Leonardo to Jasper Johns which was lovely- I thought that the comparisons between studies of hands by Bruce Nauman and Leonardo were particularly flowing and coherent, whilst the choice to focus on one medium covering a range of dates, from 15th century Netherlands to.contemporary America, was interesting,

Sketchbook scans inc. as always of course:

Creds to Jessie my dearest for papping me

And we would count the evening stars

As the day grew dark in Beechwood Park

Oh, roads in my mind take me back in my mind

And I can't forget you, won't forget you
Won't forget those days and Beechwood Park.