Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Dream Synopsis

Dear all,

I know it has been many months since I last posted, I have had a stressful time sorting out where Im going to go for Art foundation in London next year (Royal Drawing School!!) and exams for university.
I also turned 18 in March, which was so strange and exciting and I got a cheese plant (above) to put in my room and some pretty art supplies..My friends and I took a daytrip to Margate to celebrate- we went swimming, played in the arcades and then sat on the beach as the sun set which was so lovely. But at the same time, everything is becoming a little strange and scary as exams loom closer and I'm beginning to realise I'll have to say goodbye to a lot of people going to university next year..

In other news my portrait is going to be displayed in the National Portrait Gallery.. It was selected out of the NPG Summer School Portrait painting week which I attended in 2015, to be displayed in the summer next to the BP portrait Award, which I am so excited about.

My new year's resolution to find two new bands/artists each month is going v well too, having seen Fat White Family live in March with lovely Mona (one of the best gigs I have ever been to- a sweaty mess in Elephant and Castle's Coronet, climaxing with the song off their first album: Cream of the Young) and I've also been recently listening to Alex G (Trick), The Stone Roses and The Last Shadow Puppets' new album.

I have spent the entire day today scanning in my sketchbook pages which  have accumulated over the past few months, but I also wanted to post my recent A Level Art final piece: an installation investigating the significance of the artist's process over the finished product when creating art. It consisted of a constructed studio which displayed three self portraits, depicting myself in the act of making work.

PS. My dearest pal Jessie and I were recently photographed by Wyatt Dixon on a Spring day in Kings Cross, he's super cool and worth looking at, so you can find his facebook with all his other shots here !!

Good luck in ur exams kids!!
All yours,