Monday, 27 July 2015

The Bay


Blue of my heart
Blue of my dreams
Slow blue love
Of delphinium days
Blue is the universal love in which man bathes - it is the terrestrial paradise.
I'm walking along the beach in a howling gale -
Another year is passing
In the roaring waters
I hear the voices of dead friends
Love is life that lasts forever.
My hearts memory turns to you.

Impatient youths of the sun
Burning with many colours
Flick combs through hair
In bathroom mirrors
Fucking with fusion and fashion
Dance in the beams of emerald lasers
Mating on suburban duvets

Summer sun and it's finally hot and I'm free from school. I've had strange saturated decadent dreams from reading Huysmans' Against Nature and swimming in the sea in Cornwall every day.
Freckles and tarot cards and sunburn and salty hair and grass stains and smoke and night swimming and Mac Demarco and dancing in the dark. Beach Rats. We went skinny dipping and told bad ghost stories at night, found a house party with a snake, explored beaches and lay on rocks till our skin was pink.

I have many sketchbook pages to upload from long beach days, train journeys and boat trips. I started an oil painting which I'm not sure about but it's all practice, and I listen to Metronomy and The Growlers' sweet tones to bask in the sun's rays. I watched Derek Jarman's hour-long art film Blue which was vv important. I'm also reading Gombrich's Story of Art which is super thick but  a really good read to find a bearing on the history of art before next year.

I just got back from Secret Garden Party festival too which was so so soaking wet but so good and I can't bear to look at my feet for all the mud so all I am going to do now is sleep and listen to Jungle and Temples who played the festival.

I don't know what's next this summer but it's all going by in such a blur I can float along. That's all for now, here is some work:


          have a good summer kids xoxo