Tuesday, 30 April 2013

outfit post: english seaside

I'm excited for summer, so my outfit today was inspired by the English seaside, like Brighton pier and Eastbourne and Hastings, and the rock shops and fairgrounds there. Like those postcards of the sea and red and white stripy deck chairs that say 'Wish you were Here'.. Basically that whole vibe. 

Clothes: jacket is vintage, shirt from ebay, skirt from topshop, shoes from converse.
My inspiration came from these photos:

 my friend and I at the seaside

I made a seaside playlist too:
Let's Go Surfing - The Drums
Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
The Sea - Swim Deep
Lovesick - Peace
Life's A Beach - Django Django
Lust For Life - Girls
Beach Slalom - Bos Angeles

If anyone has any requests for ideas for posts, comment below, thanks for reading!

Monday, 29 April 2013

thrift store exploring

So as you can probably imagine, battling through The East End Thrift Store 'Everything for £1' sale on the hottest Sunday this year so far wasn't such a great experience, but I'm glad I went because I think I found some lovely things, although I was at many points in danger of falling over and being suffocated my the piles of clothes all over the floor.. Once again I find myself buying winter clothes just as summer comes round #sillyGeorgie #canthelpmyself 
but I don't even care because I got the nicest brown fur jacket/coat which I intend to wear as soon as it gets even the tiniest bit chilly. Everyone at the sale was so nice, and I got a few complements on my shoes which made me even happier. Loads of customers were just singing along to the music being played and asking others what they'd found so far, it was like a joint treasure hunt. I came away with 5 items (costing £5) which was amazing because almost every vintage store you find now won't have a thing costing below £10, especially in East London. Here are the photos:

 sorry for the appalling quality but it was getting dark and my lens was smudged
I also got a dark brown furry jacket that actually fits me! and every item cost a pound so I only spent £4 #perfect

Also, I went round Camden Town and Chalk Farm and went into the awesome vintage store which I find myself wandering into almost weekly, 'episode'. Everything is actually a lot cheaper there than most vintage shops, but I stupidly forgot all my money so all I did was just stare at the clothes and pray for money to appear in my pocket. I found the most beautiful denim shorts which had been reworked with a sort of camel-tweedy turn up and a perfect summery mustard-yellow silk shirt that I COULD HAVE worn with high-waisted dark blue denim shorts and looked amazing but..*sigh* I apologize for the photos because they're taken on my phone and are therefore shit quality..


alt-J: an obsession

A few months ago, I tweeted a drawing to alt-J, of a reworked version of their debut album cover for An Awesome Wave, by me. A few days later, Gus, the keyboard player of the band, tweeted me back asking if they could use the drawing for the cover of their EP 'Mathilda'. Obviously I practically died of shock and instantly replied yes, and then they also gave me free tickets for two of their London concerts, in November last year and Janurary this year.
alt-J have come such a long way in the short time they have come out as a band, having won the Mercury Prize, toured all over America and are now going to play at Glastonbury 2013, and I am so proud and happy for them..
The concerts, in the Camden Town venue: The Electric Ballroom and Shepherd's Bush O2 were amazing and two of the best nights of my life ever. I also got to meet them at the BBC and sit in on one of their radio interviews, and talk to them after one of their gigs and they were so kind and nice to me both times. I can't wait to hear their new releases and if I get tickets to Latitude festival this summer, I'll get to see them live a third time.
 my drawing

 Camden town gig
 Gus & Thom from alt-J with me at the BBC
 Shepherd's Bush O2

Listen to Ms and Tessellate
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Friday, 26 April 2013

my fake plants died because i did not remember to water them

This weekend, instead of doing all the essays that I have due on Monday *cries* I went to a car boot sale in London, where I picked up this beautiful blue mohair jumper and chain for only £16. Pros: I love them. Cons: Finally it's started being hot in England so I can't wear this jumper #hardlife #prayforGeorgiana


I also spent aages on the computer wasting time on tumblr (heres my tumblr), follow me and I'll follow back, or message me because I'm always willing to talk

Grimes let me be you.
Im too preoccupied with school work *cries more* to write big text posts right now, but will be posting about more thrift store/vintage clothes soon because I'm planning on going to some stores next week, thank you so much for reading this..
At least, I hope there's someone reading this and im not just talking to myself..
Okay byee xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

spend the day at home

I've been doing more drawing recently, because of being away on holiday, so here's some of my doodles, documenting my very boring life:

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

stealing my mum's clothes

I was bored on the weekend, so I got out a box of my mum's old clothes from her 'rebel teen years' (as she claims) and looked through it to see if there was anything I could salvage. I found one thing: a wool-mix L'Anarchie t-shirt which goes with practically ALL my favourite outfits! I can roll the sleeves up so it looks like a short sleeved top on hot days and roll them down for winter and it's just the type of thing I've been looking for.. #perfectfind
 L'anarchie tshirt worn with Topshop skater skirt and USA Urban Outfitters boots
 L'anarchie tshirt worn with Topshop Leigh jeans and UO boots

 Sex Pistols and The Smiths: Anarchy and Panic

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

my birthday and new clothes

So it was my birthday a few days ago, which was perfect- I went to get chinese food with some friends and then we went home and watched scary movies and ate ice cream. My friend got me this amazing book called: Style Feed, The World's Top Fashion Blogs and it's basically a list of style blogs saying what they post about, how they started, what's so great about them, and what makes a blog unique and popular. I learned a lot about the fashion industry from it and all the pictures in it are so pretty, so that's just a reccomendation for anyone who wants to know a bit more about blogging..
The green tea was also amazing- new favourite drink

One of my other awesome presents was this pair of Liberty/Nike shoes which I've been wanting since forever but never had the money to buy them (as usual). They're so beautiful and comfortable and I can't stop wearing them ahh they're just perfect.

They suit almost all my favourite casual outfits, with jeans and shorts and skirts and okay I'm going to stop raving about these shoes now because I think you get the idea.

On a recent shopping trip I also found some beautiful things.. I normally don't shop at Primark at all, but I went in there and found one of the things that's been on my wishlist for a long time: a hawaiian shirt that actually fits me! It was from the mens' section but whateverrr. Then I got this black bomber jacket from a vintage store in Camden which I'm officially in love with because I can wear it in summer, as it's very thin material. Also, in Urban Outfitters, my favourite shop, I got this pretty, holographic purse which holds my phone and all my cards and stuff for only £5. So all in all I'm very happy this week.

Sorry if my posts become less frequent but school started today and that means exams soon and that means stress and extra work and eughh no I don't want to think about it.
If anyone has any revision tips or whatever then PLEASE comment below so I might be in with a tiny chance of getting through this term... Thanks for reading xxx