Thursday, 11 April 2013

bedroom inspiration

So due to my lack of creativity and imagination, I failed to think of a good idea for something to blog about, so here it is, you are being presented with my bedroom. Sorry. Because of all my school work and stuff and the fact I never leave it, it is a total mess. Therefore I have tried to photograph small parts of it that may give you an idea of what it's like. The wall collage is one of my favourite things because it permits me to gaze into Morrissey and Sky Ferreira's faces every time I wake up. So here it is..

 i collect matches/lighters
favourite CDs: (downwards) alt J - An Awesome Wave, Arcade Fire - The Suburbs, Crystal Castles - (III), Echo and the Bunnymen - Best of

Everyone has a dream bedroom, and you've heard me raving about Submarine in one of my last posts.. Oliver Tate, the protagonist of the film's room, happens to be perfect. His type-writer, the clouds painted on his wall, the postcards and posters plastered all over the walls and the attic slanted ceiling all made me fall in love with it. If anyone else has a dream room based on some movie/book/theme comment on this post?

And now because you're all definitely sick of hearing me talk about Submarine, here's more of my room inspiration:

okay we can all safely admit we all want the bedroom from Princess Diaries

The Virgin Suicides
500 Days of Summer (chalkboard wall)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pretty in Pink

The last few are all from tumblr

Now that I've actually written it all down, I realize that most of my favourite bedrooms are from 80s movies.. Anyway, sorry for the picture-heavy post, I'll try to do more fashion/writing next time. 


  1. Your wall looks really nice and the colour is GORGEOUS. Also, hooray for Arcade Fire!
    I once dated someone whose bedroom was like the Princess Diaries one, ladder and everything..