Monday, 8 April 2013

the smiths and prozac nation

So this April, after reading Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, I've been listening to Nirvana and The Smiths a lot and feeling that whole vibe (don't hate me for using the word 'vibe'?).. I mean that kindof 80s grungey, melancholy style that goes with old bunches of flowers and denim jackets with scuffed black matte Doc Martens and Velvet Underground vinyls with a bit of angst, and Ian Curtis from Joy Division's voice singing in the background.. Like that photo shoot of The Smiths walking round those abandoned gas works with Morrissey holding a handful of daffodils? It's hard to explain.. But I hope these photos sort of sum it up?

Credit: (going down) Joy Divison - Control, Nirvana, my photo: Smiths vinyl, Prozac Nation and Polaroid 500, Jeremy Deller(twice), and The Smiths

Also I hope this playlist sums all that up, I feel they all fit together:

I tried to channel this in a casual outfit today:

Clothes: top from eBay, doc martens are borrowed from my mum, jacket from a stall in Portobello Market, and jeans are from a vintage shop in Brick Lane (also the flag in the background of the first picture is from a junk shop).

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