Tuesday, 16 April 2013

my birthday and new clothes

So it was my birthday a few days ago, which was perfect- I went to get chinese food with some friends and then we went home and watched scary movies and ate ice cream. My friend got me this amazing book called: Style Feed, The World's Top Fashion Blogs and it's basically a list of style blogs saying what they post about, how they started, what's so great about them, and what makes a blog unique and popular. I learned a lot about the fashion industry from it and all the pictures in it are so pretty, so that's just a reccomendation for anyone who wants to know a bit more about blogging..
The green tea was also amazing- new favourite drink

One of my other awesome presents was this pair of Liberty/Nike shoes which I've been wanting since forever but never had the money to buy them (as usual). They're so beautiful and comfortable and I can't stop wearing them ahh they're just perfect.

They suit almost all my favourite casual outfits, with jeans and shorts and skirts and okay I'm going to stop raving about these shoes now because I think you get the idea.

On a recent shopping trip I also found some beautiful things.. I normally don't shop at Primark at all, but I went in there and found one of the things that's been on my wishlist for a long time: a hawaiian shirt that actually fits me! It was from the mens' section but whateverrr. Then I got this black bomber jacket from a vintage store in Camden which I'm officially in love with because I can wear it in summer, as it's very thin material. Also, in Urban Outfitters, my favourite shop, I got this pretty, holographic purse which holds my phone and all my cards and stuff for only £5. So all in all I'm very happy this week.

Sorry if my posts become less frequent but school started today and that means exams soon and that means stress and extra work and eughh no I don't want to think about it.
If anyone has any revision tips or whatever then PLEASE comment below so I might be in with a tiny chance of getting through this term... Thanks for reading xxx

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