Monday, 29 April 2013

thrift store exploring

So as you can probably imagine, battling through The East End Thrift Store 'Everything for £1' sale on the hottest Sunday this year so far wasn't such a great experience, but I'm glad I went because I think I found some lovely things, although I was at many points in danger of falling over and being suffocated my the piles of clothes all over the floor.. Once again I find myself buying winter clothes just as summer comes round #sillyGeorgie #canthelpmyself 
but I don't even care because I got the nicest brown fur jacket/coat which I intend to wear as soon as it gets even the tiniest bit chilly. Everyone at the sale was so nice, and I got a few complements on my shoes which made me even happier. Loads of customers were just singing along to the music being played and asking others what they'd found so far, it was like a joint treasure hunt. I came away with 5 items (costing £5) which was amazing because almost every vintage store you find now won't have a thing costing below £10, especially in East London. Here are the photos:

 sorry for the appalling quality but it was getting dark and my lens was smudged
I also got a dark brown furry jacket that actually fits me! and every item cost a pound so I only spent £4 #perfect

Also, I went round Camden Town and Chalk Farm and went into the awesome vintage store which I find myself wandering into almost weekly, 'episode'. Everything is actually a lot cheaper there than most vintage shops, but I stupidly forgot all my money so all I did was just stare at the clothes and pray for money to appear in my pocket. I found the most beautiful denim shorts which had been reworked with a sort of camel-tweedy turn up and a perfect summery mustard-yellow silk shirt that I COULD HAVE worn with high-waisted dark blue denim shorts and looked amazing but..*sigh* I apologize for the photos because they're taken on my phone and are therefore shit quality..


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  1. this has definitely made me want to go to episode now. i like your outfit too.

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