Monday, 29 April 2013

alt-J: an obsession

A few months ago, I tweeted a drawing to alt-J, of a reworked version of their debut album cover for An Awesome Wave, by me. A few days later, Gus, the keyboard player of the band, tweeted me back asking if they could use the drawing for the cover of their EP 'Mathilda'. Obviously I practically died of shock and instantly replied yes, and then they also gave me free tickets for two of their London concerts, in November last year and Janurary this year.
alt-J have come such a long way in the short time they have come out as a band, having won the Mercury Prize, toured all over America and are now going to play at Glastonbury 2013, and I am so proud and happy for them..
The concerts, in the Camden Town venue: The Electric Ballroom and Shepherd's Bush O2 were amazing and two of the best nights of my life ever. I also got to meet them at the BBC and sit in on one of their radio interviews, and talk to them after one of their gigs and they were so kind and nice to me both times. I can't wait to hear their new releases and if I get tickets to Latitude festival this summer, I'll get to see them live a third time.
 my drawing

 Camden town gig
 Gus & Thom from alt-J with me at the BBC
 Shepherd's Bush O2

Listen to Ms and Tessellate
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