Thursday, 23 January 2014

Airy Space Goddess Vibes

I'm not very happy right now because an online 'Which Mean Girls Character are you?' Quiz told me I was most like Gretchen Weiners. You can imagine what I'm feeling.

I know I'm like the millionth person to blog about it but the Chanel Couture SS14 collection is 'lyke totally amazing' omgg srsly its 2die4. I'm not usually one to talk about big designer collections, because they're barely on your radar when you're a broke 15 year old who would probably die from the horribly intimidating experience of even looking through a Chanel shop-window. 
So I will remain safe behind my laptop screen in my hideously unfashionable pyjamas, away from the glaring eyes of so-called (pls dont h8 4 using this word) 'fashionistas' 
(But you know what I mean: the type of snooty, perfectly presented fashion bloggers/desginers who probably wanted to hit Tavi Gevinson when she first went to Fashion Week, aged 14.)

Usually, runway make-up is totally unwearable in real life, it just looks pretty or dramatic on the catwalk, (let me remind you of Chanel SS14's paint splotches).
But however much hate I might get, I would srsly wear the 'silver under-eye look' that this collection displayed, because firstly, it's actually relatively simple to achieve when you have 0 make up skills, and also it looks super pretty without looking weird/over the top. Plus I can finally achieve snow queen/space goddess vibes. THANK U PETER PHILIPS. AND THANK U KARL.

The celestial, sea-anemone hair and the whole space-tech look is so beautiful, too, and it matched the feather crowns the models wore (ahem Cara). It made them look like pale glitter-angels. The delicacy of the shape and colours all looked so perfect together, while the black feathery pieces contrasted the white purity.
Also, I loved those tiny waisted two-piece-pastel-dress-things with the polo necks 
(r u all luving my technical fashun knowledge) and those beautiful sequined trainers, because they were pretty accessible as something I'd consider buying and wearing irl. 
(Maybe without all dem sequins but ygm) 

It all reminded me of ice and birds and snow flakes, because of the flowy, translucent sparkles on the cropped tops and skirts. Basically, I can't word how much I liked this collection because I am not a ---fashionista--- (Im gagging every time I say that word) and I can't describe the whole appearance and vibes but it's beautiful and lovely and would make me feel like a little radiant-pastel maiden if I had the luck to wear it.

In conclusion, what I wanted to ask u all is: pls can we start a fund where u can all send me lots of money and I can rock up to my next school PE sesh dressed like this? 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Dead In Ur Head

Virgin Suicides film stills

Disposables taken by me
The Runaways 
My Virgin Suicides shrine
By Masha Mel photographer's website - 'Prom Queen'

Grease movie still

Hole 'Miss World'

Petra Collins' photography

35mm film by me

Because I live in England and don't go to a fictional American high school in the 1980s, I have never and will never go to a prom, so I viciously live through American 1970s-80s movies and Rookie's 'Strange Magic' installationAbove is my inspiration collected around the theme of proms and that glittery teenaged thing, u know... majorly inspired by the Virgin Suicides and Jawbreaker and you know what I'm talking about anyway (I hope).

I just haven't done a mood board sort of thing in a while and all these photos seemed to fit together- The title of this post is a lyric from a Bleached song. Forget Haim, Bleached are a super cool duo girl band from LA who make rad punkish music slightly similar to Hole and The Primitives. 
Best songs are: Dead in Your Head 
                        Looking For A Fight

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Any Day But Thursday

The post's title is a lyric from Morrissey's new ish cover of Satellite of Love, originally by Lou Reed. Being Morrissey, he obviously had to change the lyrics slightly to suit himself, transforming 'I watched it on TV' to 'I cannot stand the TV'.. Oh Moz.

A recent Rookie article I read is very relevant to this post and it encouraged me to carry on making things after I had a major stall/freakout/stress, when I realised I should be devoting every second of my break to cramming more biology definitions into my brain for my exams. But you need to rest between revising, or your head might just explode or something, so the article made me re-realise that, and slow down. Basically, if you're vaguely interested in creating things or you criticise the arts as an "easy subject", maybe have a read of this, because it's a good article and could give you a better perspective.

This holiday, I've filled a whole moleskine with drawings and random stuff like my scans below, because revision has been so ghastly and I finished like all of the tv series I was chain-watching. (asdfg Sherlock) -This is probably a good thing, because I watched too much tv anyway. Also making art is the perfect way to calm down and forget my oncoming exams. I love it when people share their visual diaries on the internet because I can compare with mine and get inspiration and it's just nice to see other people's work so here's some of mine.. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Just A Reflektor

Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here but just so you know I did write this in December. Almost every 'Top Albums of 2013' review that I've read has included Reflektor, Arcade Fire's new album. Need I say more. Clearly I do, because I'm going to write an entire blog post on why Arcade Fire are my top band of 2013 and now 2014, and why they're so great.

A few months ago, my school's Vinyl Society had a meeting about The Suburbs, Arcade Fire's 2nd most recent album, (and arguably their best)- I went along because it was the first CD I ever bought when I was 11 after I had read in a magazine that it was cool, but I never really got into it that much. 

When they showed The Suburbs music video which I had never seen before, and played Suburban War and Sprawl II, it gave me that feeling where you hear a song you haven't heard in a while and get a flashback of all the feelings you had when you heard that album first. And it was AMAZING. I became obsessed with the lyrics and structure of the album, how they repeat lyrics throughout it and show changing moods. I haven't really ever seen a band like them that does that. Arguably, they're really pretentious and arty but they do 'being arty' really well because it's not annoying and they actually produced something beautiful when they made The Suburbs.
(Especially the album artwork because of the grainy film-camera snapshots of cars in suburban landscapes and the pretty colours.)
Naturally I went on to buy Reflektor and read and watch as much about Arcade Fire as I could find on the internet, and listened to those two albums and not much else for the next 4 months or so.. 
I definitely prefer The Suburbs as a whole album, because it's what made me recognise Arcade Fire as the BEST THING EVER, but Reflektor isn't inferior, because they're so different that they're incomparable. I love Reflektor too, especially the music video and themes and new shiny sound that they've created. Their new 'look' is so great with those jazzy new suits they wear to all their concerts, and the Roman Coppola mini film of one of their sets with cameos from perfect people like Michael Cera and James Franco, they're doing pretty well right for themselves now..
The album artwork is also beautiful as my gif at the top will hopefully convey, because of the holographic material and the black and white contrast. In conclusion please listen to Arcade Fire. thx.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


top: lazy oaf, jacket and skirt: east end thrift store, shoes: new look
I have mocks tomorrow and haven't revised at all for half my subjects. This holiday I've mainly been revising and stuck inside because of the rain, so nothing much has happened except I am now a regular contributor to the Wandering Collective, an online publication thing and it's super cute so have a look here.

The maddest thing happened to me while I was in the east end thrift store the other day buying clothes, I found the exact same jacket that I had almost bought about a year ago on the Portobello Rd. It had the same small rip in the lining so I knew it was the same and this time I bought it omg how weird? It's so pretty and has a sequin detail on the back- I'm in love.
Here are some photos I took of my bedroom a few mornings ago, and my favourite Christmas presents. I got the Rookie Yearbook 2 which is so so beautiful and some other books and dvds and TAROT CARDS which are the best and remind me of that My So Called Life episode where Rayanne's mother teaches Angela how to use them. I also got super pretty glitter nail polish, a cute little kaleidoscope and a palmistry book so I can master the mysterious arts and become Mrs Trelawney and tell ur future. 
I also added to my shrine and melted down all the candles around it so everything is stuck in the wax, and I stuck up all my posters and photos on my wall (finally).

My new years resolution to stay of the computer is really going well (pls recognise my sarcasm) -Bye from Daria x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I don't know about any of you, but I normally skim read the first few lines of someone's blog post and then look at the pictures. Even on Rookie I read one or two paragraphs of an article and I get bored. My attention span is really worrying and I realised I was probably actually missing out on stuff by not reading it all. Recently I rewatched Tavi Gevinson's talk on her world and fangirls and the importance of liking things and making art, and it really changed my view. I started going back through Rookie's beginning of the month letters and reading them, because what she was saying in her talk resonated with me a lot, and I started to realise that those Rookie letters are aimed at people exactly like me, and I should be reading them.. *ew cringe cliche moment*.

Tavi's 'Forever' letter this December about being a teenager made an impact on me, especially after hearing her talk, because I always took her for some everyday fangirly annoying teenager girl blogger who happened to get famous for screaming about clothes online, until I actually read what she was saying. 
But she is 'every day', in that she represents all us girls, which makes her even better - she's a teenaged prodigy in the blogging world and yet she still has to go to school and live with her parents, which makes her really down to earth. Her talk made me realise how intellegent and understanding she is, how it's ok to like things that wouldn't normally be on your spectrum and it made me actually think about why we like the things that we like. I really appreciated Rookie for once, because when you take a step back, it is definitely the (first and) most popular online publication that doesn't patronise teenage girls, or suggest that the only thing that interests us is clothes and boys. 

So basically if you are as lazy as me and can never be bothered to read the Rookie articles that might actually interest you, please actually have a look and read them through.. 
also especially if you're a creative person, watch Tavi's talk, because I'm so happy I watched it a second time, as I didn't properly listen to it the first time and it really gave me a new more diligent attitude to blogging and creating when I listened.

Happy New Year y'all and look at this because I want to write to all of you x