Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Any Day But Thursday

The post's title is a lyric from Morrissey's new ish cover of Satellite of Love, originally by Lou Reed. Being Morrissey, he obviously had to change the lyrics slightly to suit himself, transforming 'I watched it on TV' to 'I cannot stand the TV'.. Oh Moz.

A recent Rookie article I read is very relevant to this post and it encouraged me to carry on making things after I had a major stall/freakout/stress, when I realised I should be devoting every second of my break to cramming more biology definitions into my brain for my exams. But you need to rest between revising, or your head might just explode or something, so the article made me re-realise that, and slow down. Basically, if you're vaguely interested in creating things or you criticise the arts as an "easy subject", maybe have a read of this, because it's a good article and could give you a better perspective.

This holiday, I've filled a whole moleskine with drawings and random stuff like my scans below, because revision has been so ghastly and I finished like all of the tv series I was chain-watching. (asdfg Sherlock) -This is probably a good thing, because I watched too much tv anyway. Also making art is the perfect way to calm down and forget my oncoming exams. I love it when people share their visual diaries on the internet because I can compare with mine and get inspiration and it's just nice to see other people's work so here's some of mine.. 


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  2. Your journal is soooo cool, I love it!


  3. This is lovely and super inspiring - I journal too, so I love seeing other peoples stuff, esp. when it's this good! (also, Sherlocksherlocksherlock)

  4. your journal posts/visual diary posts always inspire me so much - I wish I could draw like you! Sherlock, omfg don't get me started. the way they've developed the character relationships this series makes me want to cry it's so great (and MORIARTY my god that was good) (also his accent, oh my) xxxoox

  5. I always love seeing outher people's journals and personal work but I think yours is one of my favoties
    everything is just so nice and pretty and ugh I need to fill mine in more

  6. way your pictures are all so cool and arcade fire is just wow hah

  7. your journal is perfect, so much inspiration x