Sunday, 5 January 2014


top: lazy oaf, jacket and skirt: east end thrift store, shoes: new look
I have mocks tomorrow and haven't revised at all for half my subjects. This holiday I've mainly been revising and stuck inside because of the rain, so nothing much has happened except I am now a regular contributor to the Wandering Collective, an online publication thing and it's super cute so have a look here.

The maddest thing happened to me while I was in the east end thrift store the other day buying clothes, I found the exact same jacket that I had almost bought about a year ago on the Portobello Rd. It had the same small rip in the lining so I knew it was the same and this time I bought it omg how weird? It's so pretty and has a sequin detail on the back- I'm in love.
Here are some photos I took of my bedroom a few mornings ago, and my favourite Christmas presents. I got the Rookie Yearbook 2 which is so so beautiful and some other books and dvds and TAROT CARDS which are the best and remind me of that My So Called Life episode where Rayanne's mother teaches Angela how to use them. I also got super pretty glitter nail polish, a cute little kaleidoscope and a palmistry book so I can master the mysterious arts and become Mrs Trelawney and tell ur future. 
I also added to my shrine and melted down all the candles around it so everything is stuck in the wax, and I stuck up all my posters and photos on my wall (finally).

My new years resolution to stay of the computer is really going well (pls recognise my sarcasm) -Bye from Daria x


  1. ahh i'm totally with you on the going a month without a selfie maybe I should try the full year without one!?!! your room looks AMAZING and wow that jacket thing is so cool it's a SIGN for sure!!!!!! :-p x

  2. omg I'm in love with your shrine <3

  3. urgh your illustations are so perfect! also the tarot cards are so cool. i hope it's ok with you but I added you to my blog roll of favourite blogs!

    p.s. I am forever in awe of that jacket, it's beautiful!

    1. omg thank u so much! that is so nice aha i dont mind x

  4. I feel your pain about mocks, i have my mocks starting from tomorrow and im pretty nervous, but besides that love the pictures and the post! xx

  5. Love love love the jacket x

  6. Omg I love your blog!! I just discovered it and you and your taste are so rad xx