Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I don't know about any of you, but I normally skim read the first few lines of someone's blog post and then look at the pictures. Even on Rookie I read one or two paragraphs of an article and I get bored. My attention span is really worrying and I realised I was probably actually missing out on stuff by not reading it all. Recently I rewatched Tavi Gevinson's talk on her world and fangirls and the importance of liking things and making art, and it really changed my view. I started going back through Rookie's beginning of the month letters and reading them, because what she was saying in her talk resonated with me a lot, and I started to realise that those Rookie letters are aimed at people exactly like me, and I should be reading them.. *ew cringe cliche moment*.

Tavi's 'Forever' letter this December about being a teenager made an impact on me, especially after hearing her talk, because I always took her for some everyday fangirly annoying teenager girl blogger who happened to get famous for screaming about clothes online, until I actually read what she was saying. 
But she is 'every day', in that she represents all us girls, which makes her even better - she's a teenaged prodigy in the blogging world and yet she still has to go to school and live with her parents, which makes her really down to earth. Her talk made me realise how intellegent and understanding she is, how it's ok to like things that wouldn't normally be on your spectrum and it made me actually think about why we like the things that we like. I really appreciated Rookie for once, because when you take a step back, it is definitely the (first and) most popular online publication that doesn't patronise teenage girls, or suggest that the only thing that interests us is clothes and boys. 

So basically if you are as lazy as me and can never be bothered to read the Rookie articles that might actually interest you, please actually have a look and read them through.. 
also especially if you're a creative person, watch Tavi's talk, because I'm so happy I watched it a second time, as I didn't properly listen to it the first time and it really gave me a new more diligent attitude to blogging and creating when I listened.

Happy New Year y'all and look at this because I want to write to all of you x


  1. I'm definitely guilty of falling into the "skim trap", and to be honest, I even did it with Tavi's Forever letter the first time. Then I went to a Rookie party and heard her read it aloud, and I realized then how beautiful, poignant, and REAL it is. Since then, I've been taking the time to really get into articles that interest me, which has made the whole experience so much better. I have yet to watch her Tavi's World talk, but I've heard great things, and it's on my never ending to-do list so I'll get to it at some point, hopefully soon! Anyway, just wanted to say that your blog is amazing!

    1. I love your blog omg thanks
      yess this is so true