Saturday, 28 December 2013

Penpals Unite

Everyone can send me letters, especially people who aren't from the UK because its so weird thinking about someone's written letters going all round the world to eachother. Letters are more of a novelty now that technology is so advanced so I really like talking to people this way and its super cute so if we have similar interests or you just want to say something then please please send me an email requesting my address.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Final Art Piece: Glitter Queen


These are a few of the photos I put in my sketchbook for my art final piece at the start of the month, inspired by 1970s glamour, Ziggy Stardust, Petra Collins' and Miles Aldridge's photography. My lovely friend Rachel modelled for me, and kindly let me completely improvise and do her face paint as a glittery alien queen. I used projections and coloured acetate over the lens to manipulate the colour and lighting. 
Praise the 99p store for all my sparkly props and tinsel <3 <3

Camera: Canon SX50 HS 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Glitter and Gold

My gold streamers from my art GCSE mock came in very useful when I decorated my room this morning. The winter sunlight came in and made my blue bedroom all gold and sparkly and it felt like spring again.
I am wearing a Tracey Emin tshirt and my kilt. 
The plastic blue shrine has been mine since I was little and it contrasted prettily with the gold, as well as my nail polish. So colour co-ordinated yo x

Inspo: Rookie prom, glitter and Petra Collins

~ Merry Christmas ~

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

✧ Feeling Festive DIY ✧

FESTIVE MORRISSEY DECORATIONS - The obvious way forward, to achieve festive cheer this year. Get out the glitter and print off a picture, (I tinted them pink on my computer's photo editing software) and stick them round your house to add some Christmassy cheer. 
*cringe* lol but trust they look really cool espesh the glittery eyebrows. Obviously it doesn't have to be Morrissey but come on, I recently discovered he lived NOT TEN DOORS AWAY FROM ME towards the end of his life with the Smiths, how amazing is that? I went and stood outside his former home to gaze in awe at the windows he once looked through, the doorstep his lovely feet once stood upon ok I know this is creepy but he is someone to be adored, he encourages it. fun for all the family. 
Place your new favourite decoration on top of your Christmas tree because he's an angel. Much love  

Thursday, 12 December 2013

winona, you doll

1) HER NAME omg what is that? Winona. Its such a pretty name and I WILL be calling one of my kids that. Also Ryder is one of my favourite surnames, espescially because it's linked to one of my favourite characters in literature: Charles Ryder from Brideshead Revisited.
One of my favourite Winona films is Girl, Interrupted (1999) because it was the first film I saw her in and her acting is on top form guys. Also you get to see a lot more of her perf cheekbones because she has short hair. (lol) Despite the dark subject of mental wards and suicide I really liked it. Angelina Jolie (in my opinion) also plays one of her best roles in film here. Winona plays a mentally unstable, introverted girl who makes 'friends' with some girls in the same mental ward as her and I don't want to give anything away to those who havent seen it but its A***** If you have tumblr, you'll be very familiar with the stills from it bc tumblr seems to attract all that dark stuff..
me and A'Jolie keepin' it real
Also, Heathers (1988) is one of my favourites, because of the contrast Winona plays, compared to her character in Girl, Interrupted. Her half-hearted attempt to be in the 'in-crowd' at school is great because it discredits the stereotype of a clique of dumb desperate girls ruling the school, that most high school films have. I sat down to watch this film expecting a chick flick, and I wont spoil it but IT IS ANYTHING BUT A GIRLY MOVIE SO DONT EXPECT ONE. Also the 80s fashion is top-notch and as always, Winona adds to the eye candy <3 <3

Ok Winona is my girl crush, she has quite an original look with her dark hair, dark eyes and pale complexion but I think she's perfect. She has quite an English Rose kind of look, and I can't wait to see her in more films.