Thursday, 12 December 2013

winona, you doll

1) HER NAME omg what is that? Winona. Its such a pretty name and I WILL be calling one of my kids that. Also Ryder is one of my favourite surnames, espescially because it's linked to one of my favourite characters in literature: Charles Ryder from Brideshead Revisited.
One of my favourite Winona films is Girl, Interrupted (1999) because it was the first film I saw her in and her acting is on top form guys. Also you get to see a lot more of her perf cheekbones because she has short hair. (lol) Despite the dark subject of mental wards and suicide I really liked it. Angelina Jolie (in my opinion) also plays one of her best roles in film here. Winona plays a mentally unstable, introverted girl who makes 'friends' with some girls in the same mental ward as her and I don't want to give anything away to those who havent seen it but its A***** If you have tumblr, you'll be very familiar with the stills from it bc tumblr seems to attract all that dark stuff..
me and A'Jolie keepin' it real
Also, Heathers (1988) is one of my favourites, because of the contrast Winona plays, compared to her character in Girl, Interrupted. Her half-hearted attempt to be in the 'in-crowd' at school is great because it discredits the stereotype of a clique of dumb desperate girls ruling the school, that most high school films have. I sat down to watch this film expecting a chick flick, and I wont spoil it but IT IS ANYTHING BUT A GIRLY MOVIE SO DONT EXPECT ONE. Also the 80s fashion is top-notch and as always, Winona adds to the eye candy <3 <3

Ok Winona is my girl crush, she has quite an original look with her dark hair, dark eyes and pale complexion but I think she's perfect. She has quite an English Rose kind of look, and I can't wait to see her in more films.


  1. I've never actually seen any of her films so thank you for the recommendations! I'll definitely check them out:) She's so beautiful ahhh