Wednesday, 18 December 2013

✧ Feeling Festive DIY ✧

FESTIVE MORRISSEY DECORATIONS - The obvious way forward, to achieve festive cheer this year. Get out the glitter and print off a picture, (I tinted them pink on my computer's photo editing software) and stick them round your house to add some Christmassy cheer. 
*cringe* lol but trust they look really cool espesh the glittery eyebrows. Obviously it doesn't have to be Morrissey but come on, I recently discovered he lived NOT TEN DOORS AWAY FROM ME towards the end of his life with the Smiths, how amazing is that? I went and stood outside his former home to gaze in awe at the windows he once looked through, the doorstep his lovely feet once stood upon ok I know this is creepy but he is someone to be adored, he encourages it. fun for all the family. 
Place your new favourite decoration on top of your Christmas tree because he's an angel. Much love  


  1. Youre so creative!! I love your idea!

    It'll be my pleasure if you follow me on

  2. *cries* this is so perfect! morrisseyyyyy. plus your house has an amazing collection of books!


  3. this is such a cool idea!
    the best type of Christmas is definitely a Morrissey inspired one :-)