Tuesday, 9 April 2013

beside the sea

Wow ok so I was on the internet, wasting my life away as usual, when I saw this photo on Tavi Gevinson's blog: The Style Rookie (which is so perfect that it's basically the reason I was inspired to start blogging, by the way) which was taken by some guy called Luigi Ghirri and I thought all his photos were pretty cool so now I'm sharing them with you.. My favorites are mostly on beaches and by the sea and I thought his style was quite like the film Submarine (2010) which is my all time favourite film so you understand why I like these photos now right? 
They're all so cheerful and summery and like surreal postcards, I'm definitely going to be sticking these all over my room, in anticipation for summer. 
I took some photos by the sea in Cornwall this Easter

I also recommend everyone watches Submarine, hopefully these photo's might persuade you? If you like the sea, duffle coats, comedy, pyromania, Wales and high school drama then go watch it. 

"My Dear Americans, The film you are about to see is a biopic of my life. The events take place, not so long ago, in a proud land called Wales. Wales is next to England, a country you pretend to treat as an equal. My homeland has produced Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Jones and some other people. You have not yet invaded my country and for this I thank you. Submarine is an important film. Watch it with respect. Fond regards from your protagonist, Oliver Tate."

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  1. Love the pictures!