Friday, 26 April 2013

my fake plants died because i did not remember to water them

This weekend, instead of doing all the essays that I have due on Monday *cries* I went to a car boot sale in London, where I picked up this beautiful blue mohair jumper and chain for only £16. Pros: I love them. Cons: Finally it's started being hot in England so I can't wear this jumper #hardlife #prayforGeorgiana


I also spent aages on the computer wasting time on tumblr (heres my tumblr), follow me and I'll follow back, or message me because I'm always willing to talk

Grimes let me be you.
Im too preoccupied with school work *cries more* to write big text posts right now, but will be posting about more thrift store/vintage clothes soon because I'm planning on going to some stores next week, thank you so much for reading this..
At least, I hope there's someone reading this and im not just talking to myself..
Okay byee xx

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