Saturday, 24 May 2014

Tarot Luv

Now that my very important exams have started everything has, ironically, calmed down because I've sort of realised that they're not that bad, and summer is fast approaching.
I started watching Twin Peaks and it's so so beautiful and mysterious and Agent Cooper is super fab, yes pls damn fine coffee <3 
OOh also I took part in the lovely Amber's photo-a-day challenge which is here.

Today I sat on my roof, ate blueberries and peaches, listened to Bob Dylan and Mac Demarco, looked at my new David Hockney book, blew bubbles and read a book about Tarot cards to work on my witchy powers ~pls join my coven~
But keep scrolling, friends, because I've make lots of new sketchbook pages and things that are scanned below xo
I also made a lil mini zine about pyromania and things that radiate light called 'Seeing Red?' (which is my new favourite phrase after 'True Blue'.)
When am I finding time to revise you may ask? the answer is never. #truteenrebel

 Zine fun:
Thank you for putting up with me as always goodbye xo


  1. sounds like the perfect day, your drawings are perfect <3

  2. Your day sounds so lovely and your zine and journal are really cool <33

  3. Love your sweater in the 3rd pic! So many great things in this post, Twin Peaks, bubbles, and your drawings are super cool :)