Monday, 29 July 2013

looks like rain

A few days ago I went to Southbank to see an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and take some photos, and there was a thing on at the Southbank Center called 'Neighbourhood Festival,' which was encouraging a more friendly and neighbourly atmosphere all over London. To help this, they'd put up these quite creepy posters all over the site that read slogans like 'Oh hello..I live upstairs' and 'You look nice today'- they were quite odd. I felt like I was being chatted up by a sign post (wuut??) but I thought they were sorta raad too, and the colours of blue and yellow all over the grey concrete of the Southbank looked beaut- so go down there if you have a chance before the festival ends. 
There's also a sort of eco-environment friendly-100% natural-britain in bloom-anti global warming-plant growing project at Southbank so there are random plants and vegetable patches dotted all over the site which looks so bizarre against the urban stone/graffiti background of Central London..
Another thing going on there is the Save Southbank campaign, which is a project devoted to stopping the council moving the Skate Park away from where it is now. You can read about it here and here so go and vote guyzz its totally worthwhile and the skating undercroft is so cool but it's being replaced by more restaurants and shops which Southbank most definitely does NOT need so gogogo. 

Im going to Italy for a few days tomorrow, so I wont be posting -but please keep sending things in for my zine (which I've decided will be called CONTRA, and the theme is 'growing up' so send me anything you like and I'll possibly feature it) and have an awesome summer xo

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