Thursday, 15 August 2013

Obviously, Doctor, you've never been a 13 year old girl

I've been in Italy for a week so I just got back and realised Google Reader is now obsolete, so I've installed the lovely naked lady on the right of my blog to help you follow me on bloglovin' instead.. 
Having been obsessed with the film, and because I read an article in Dazed & Confused about it, I read The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides last week and I'd definitely recommend it. The film quotes a lot of text from it, and it's very well written and even more romantic and lovely than the film is-It makes me wish I was blonde and naturally pretty looking and also I wish it was socially acceptable to walk around in a white lacy dress all the time.
Lux Lisbon, the 14 year old of the sisters is so pretty and perfect although she's a bit of a slut, but she's so cool and definitely my favourite girl. Even though she's wearing a really frumpy old frock it still looks beautiful on her and asdgaskl I wish I was Lux without the unhappy ending and strict parents..
I've cleared out my mum's old boxes of clothes looking for a dress like Cecelia's bridesmaid dress (below) but can't find anything, so now whenever I pass a vintage shop I'm hoping to find one that will fit me. #pray4Georgie

I've started melting a pile of candles together and I'm putting the Lisbon girls' prom photo in the middle like Cecelia's shrine in her bedroom (not mentioned in the film) and it looks so cutee I'm in lovee <3 
I made the atmosphere quite shadowy and blue to match the film's theme seeing as it's such a haunting, sad story and it contrasts with the yellow flame and girly decoration on the shrine, I also like how the photos came out because of the flames' reflection in the plastic behind.

 I also made a collage based on the girls' bedrooms and aesthetic, mainly inspired by Cecelia's religious icons and decoration, using my doodles and polyvore-


  1. cool post
    i still can't believe I've never seen the film!


  2. i really need to watch this x