Thursday, 25 July 2013

submit to my zine?

Late last night I found myself trawling many different blogs to find people with zines that accepted submissions because I wanted to be part of one, which made me realise that I'd be much happier and less sleep deprived if I just made my own. 
So partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'd love to see some other people's work, I'm asking anyone who cares to send me your art, photography, writing, playlists and anything else you want to share, so I can put it in my first zine.

The theme is going to be 'Growing Up' so if you want to submit anything vaguely related to that word then go ahead and email me at: 

Put 'submission' in the email's title and write your name or whatever few words you might want to include with the work in the message. 
There isn't really a deadline for sending me stuff because this will be a relaxed project but I hope some of you send me something to include, thanks xo


  1. this is such a good idea...I might submit something...I will have to think of something good and worthy first though haha x