Sunday, 7 July 2013

strawberry fields forever

I've finally broken up from school, meaning I have 2 months to relax and forget everything I learned before the exams. I've started watching Skins and its so good, I definitely recommend. I don't have much to say seeing as I haven't gone away yet, but in a week I'll be going to Cornwall and then Italy and France later on which is exciting

I watched Donnie Darko a few months ago now, but after rewatching it I developed a massive girl crush on Gretchen Ross, the character who plays Donnie's girlfriend. She's so pretty and I love her although she has a hideous name- dem eyebrows guyss

I bought some Levi shorts from Rokit in Camden yesterday and theyre awesomee, 
outfit of the day: 
Tracey Emin top, Rokit shorts, Liberty/Nike airwalks and Brick Lane sunglasses
I really hope this will be a good summer, because it's my last proper holiday before all my GCSE's and other exams start next year which I can't even think about rn, so I'm going to go and sunbathe now, this is me and my awesome friend Tom yesterday:


  1. love your shorts, camden is amazing x

  2. super cute! Yay for school being over! Ah I heard of good skins was but I tried watching it and stopped after the first 10 seconds when I saw that guys bed spread :P I'm a little bit squeamish