Monday, 22 July 2013

appreciate: spending days alone

I'm an only child, so I spend a lot of time alone, and with the summer holidays just starting for me, there'll almost definitely be a few days where all my friends are away so I'll have to find something to do on my own, let alone the fact that I will have to entertain myself when I go on holiday with just my parents.
#firstworldproblems #hardlyfe #prayforGeorgie
(Im only joking I dont actually take hashtags seriously)

Anyway, my point is that spending time alone is normally seen as a 'sad' thing to do, for people with no social life, but it can be fun. Spending a day alone means you don't have to compromise on what you do or when you do it. So guyzz ditch yo friends and chill with yoselff. Embrace lonerism like Tame Impala.

Last summer all my lucky friends had gone away on dream holidays to the Caribbean and Ibiza and places like that but I was 'stuck' in London for a few days, so I went on a day trip into Central London to visit art galleries and sit by the Thames and guess who I met at the tube station? The best person ever from my favourite film: Craig Roberts who plays Oliver Tate in Submarine and that, children, is my first point: If I'd gone with someone else, they might have been late so we missed the tube or wanted to go somewhere else. 
I spent the rest of my break exploring places in London I'd never been before, like the cool back alleys in Shoreditch, the canal walk from Camden to Maida Vale and the Southbank area and drawing wherever I went.
It's always good to be alone with your thoughts once in a while and go out and see something you've been wanting to go to that none of your friends are interested in.

So pack yourself a bag and take a day trip to an art gallery or a music store and eat dangerous amounts of your favourite food and take your own time, while feeling blissfully un-judged. Or take supplies and a stack of DVDs or CDs and lock yourself in your room making art while watching and listening to new or old favourite films and albums.


  1. That's so cool that you met him! I'm jealous aha;) I agree, I think it's nice sometimes to have some alone time, and I love the ideas on your list, I'll definitely have a look at it for this summer! xoxo

  2. Love the lst of ideas on things to do, definately saving this! Feel free to take a look at our newest post xx