Wednesday, 24 July 2013

summer's here

I am loving summer right now- I've gone swimming in the Hampstead Heath ponds every morning, watched Ghost World for the first time (which made me want to record and draw a lot more), gone on a very successful shopping trip and relaxed in this really strange heatwave that Britain is having. Seriously, I don't understand why it's so hot, it was 5 degrees hotter than Greece yesterday to give you all some perspective #saywhaat
I'm currently working on making a huge playlist for when I go on holiday, and (as you may have already realized) I am a total organizing freak, so I've made lists of everything I'll need to bring with me and buy before because I can't stop myself.

 Shoes: new look, Sunglasses: brick lane stall, Jeans: etsy, Camera: car boot sale

I'm always redoing the pictures on my wall so I took some photos to show what it looks like right now. I love having all my favourite images and leaflets stuck up in one place because I can stare at them from my bed when I wake up. The pictures include several Morrissey/Smiths posters, Submarine themed postcards, polaroids and NME pages. It sums up a lot of my interests and obsessions and it feels like my own personal gallery.

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  1. Loove love love those shoes and jeans! And I've been doing the same kind of think to my wall, I love the look of a bedroom cluttered with pictures. You have a seriously cool blog! xxx