Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Raw Milk

Filling a new sketchbook that my gr8 pal gave me for secret santa!!
I went on a holiday trip to the British Museum and drew the Parthenon one day, and watched a great documentary about the Clash which aired on New Years day about 1977 and their doomed generation and London punk it was all v cool //
I have been wandering around doing chores for my family and drawing and thinking about going back to school, listening to The Clash, Parquet Courts, FKA Twigs <33, and early Cure albums. And met Ferris from the Horrors band outside Shepherds in prim hill and he was all in black and weird and mysterious //
I drew the last one on a magic lone walk in Regents Park as the sun set over London n it was great, I listened to some Bob Dylan and forgot it was Christmas Eve //

Lazy Oaf space oddity dress 10/10 despite the fact it rips everytime i wear it lol 

A humorous Stevie Smith poem
Drugs made Pauline vague.
She sat one day at the breakfast table
Fingering in a baffled way
The fronds of the maidenhair plant.

Was it the salt you were looking for dear?
said Dulcie, exchanging a glance with the Brigadier.

Chuff chuff Pauline what's the matter?
Said the Brigadier to his wife
Who did not even notice
What a handsome couple they made. 

have fun going back to school kids n get some sleep 
x G


  1. Your art is really inspiring! It makes me feel like I can imagine you drawing it. Super cool!

  2. I feel like your style has shifted in this new sketchbook or maybe it's just a new technique or something (I'm terrible at art, and a science student so...)
    and that lazy oaf dress is perfection


  3. Omg, as I always say, I get impressed of your drawings!
    And that dress is very beautiful!

  4. yes yes yes that dress!!!! <3 <3 <3 also the art but like that's always so damn good man

  5. your dress :O it's so perfect i need it in my life, everything about your outfit is so cute!! you are super talented, i love your drawings! x


  6. You are so talented o_O I can literally imagine going to see your work in a major art exhibition

    Joy xx

  7. Love these. Wish I could draw this well!

  8. Splendid is the word that comes to mind.
    Also, that dress is maybe the best thing in the world.

  9. Wow it's really cool you bob Dylan, he's really individual and spiritual as an artist, you know I feel in touch with my zen when I listen to him

  10. Oh my gosh, I'm left speechless by the beauty of this dress ! I would be crying if I had such a piece in my wardrobe !

    Charlie xx

  11. omg some of your new work actually reminds me of Sigmar Polkes work that he did on tiny note book paper. love it! and that dress wow

  12. I really want the Wes Anderson collection book! xx