Saturday, 2 May 2015

Petshop Eyes

I went to Tate Britain, my favourite art gallery, to see some David Hockney (above) and Tracey Emin's My Bed, which has been put on exhibition for the first time in years. As someone who appreciates the majority of Emin's work it was strange to see the actual artwork in the flesh for the first time, as it seemed so familiar. Emin's installation is slightly adjusted with each appearance it makes; this time is was flanked by a set of the artist's bold, blue watercolour nudes and Reclining Woman, a haunting painting by Francis Bacon.

The contrast of Emin's watercolours (2014), and the Bed itself (1998) are dramatic- the nudes show us a more confident, established woman, well within her comfort zone, whilst the bed has become s ghost of the past. The tiny-waisted belt, empty bottles of vodka and cigarettes surrounding the mass of sheets show how Emin has matured from a lost, slightly scrawny twenty-something year old into a self-aware and confident woman. The re-display of My Bed affirms her esteemed reputation, no longer "completely slagged off by the art world".

And indeed, the small crowd of Saturday onlookers did nothing but smile sort-of-knowingly when they walked into the installation room and gazed at the crumpled drapes and stained pillows. Perhaps because its familiarity through the press is a comfort to the general public, and perhaps because Emin's "confessional" artwork strikes a chord with us - we feel like she was a close friend to us. Seeing My Bed in real life made me want nothing more than to comfort the helpless thing that lived in it before anything, and then gave me a huge wave of nostalgia, as though I'd known Tracey forever.

This is an article I wrote for a school publication called Perspective about contemporary art's new agenda and escaping the avant-garde.

Yesterday evening I saw Flying Lotus live @ Brixton Academy, supported by Jay Electronica, Shabazz Palaces and Lapalux. The visuals were incredible, with Flying Lotus playing from the inside of a transparent cube, with cross-over projections of colour and kaleidoscopic shapes.                                                   

I also did some sketchbook work and I am done with my Art A Level!! I had an 8 hour exam in which I decided to make an installation inspired by Caravaggio's painting, The Supper At Emmaus in a digitalised, shrine-like update. It is composed of a painting, religious iconography and an old Apple laptop playing a slideshow of photos.


                                                       Good luck with exams xoxoxo


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  2. omg the Tate Britain is literally one of the most beautiful galleries - i love it! my art teacher talked about the David Hockney exhibition and now i really want to see it haha. oh gosh, good luck with exams too, I am so nervous :c

  3. I love the way your writing interacts with the photos you've included in these art journal pages but also I just really love the way your handwriting looks <3

  4. You're writing is amazing, the way you explain things, the words you use are inspiring to me as well as your artworks. The exhibition sounds really interesting. I wish to visit more exhibitions.

    (check your mail :))
    Jade x

  5. Your exhibition is amazing. But, that's to be expected since your journals are so great. I'd kill to see almost anything Emin in person - she's been one of my favourite artists for the longest of time, I think I'd experience that familiarity you speak of.

  6. I went there recently too, it's such a beautiful gallery!!! seeing such an iconic Emin piece so close up was incredible <3 also amazing photos/outfit/art as always xo

  7. Everything in this post wholly fits together in a very cool way. I love the FlyLo / Astral Plane crossover in your installation

  8. Tracey Emin is the best, right? I've never seen My Bed in reality, but it has to be incredibly touching somehow. I love her work ♥♥♥
    and your sketchbook seems so amazing! i'm in luuuv.
    by the way, your outfit is gorgeous ♥

  9. aw i'm so in love with your art! the outfits are amazing as well


  10. Hello, I would like to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster award. The link is here if you choose to accept it. Have fun.

  11. I must say this like every time I read your blog but your sketchbook work and journals are so aesthetically pleasing and really inspiring