Saturday, 29 August 2015

Look At Where We Are

Summer's almost gone -  rainy afternoons, weird twilight sky and cold nights sitting in the park or on my roof. It feels very strange thinking about going back to a routine with responsibility, and I won;t be able to spend as much time on my sketchbooks which makes me sad. 
I've recently been in Cornwall again which was lovely and there was so much sun, but mostly I have just been moping around London. Going back to school is all sad but there's a new sketchbook to fill, and big coats and cosy winter things to look forward to as well. I bought a ticket to see Hot Chip in Autumn and I'm seeing Peace later in London too which will be lovely. 

Moping in London includes watching lots of films- I saw two Harmony Korine films: Kids and Gummo which were both so so weird but great and I definitely recommend them both for strange portrayals of American dysfunction in the 90s. There's once scene in Gummo where the weirdness all halts and the background music ramps up, playing Roy Orbison's Crying while the screen turns away from the mute child called Bunny Boy and focuses on old home-video footage of a tornado against a sunset and it's so beautiful. Chloe Sevigny's wardrobe styling for Bunny Boy and her appearance in Kids is also wonderful.
(Also Mathilda from Leon: The Professional will govern the winter aesthetic this year.)

Ellie and I went to Covent Garden and the Royal Academy to go and see the Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust exhibition too.  Cornell makes the most beautiful treasure pieces out of old collage materials and vintage wooden boxes, it was lovely. We then wandered around London and sat in a pretty church yard in the sun and just talked for a while~

I also spent three full days drawing sculptures at the British Museum and V&A which I am trying to develop into oil paintings. I'm not sure quite what they look like because there isn't much of a planning process but please if they remind you of anything at all please comment because I have to write about them for a project and I have no idea what to say just now. I was looking at Francis Bacon and other portrait artists in the 50s and 60s to reference. I also went on a three day painting course at the National Portrait Gallery which was fun.

I also have Depop because I am a bit broke after summer for please have a look and maybe buy something, I'm selling clothes and some old cameras @hockneybabe 
(Im also thinking of selling this vintage summer dress above too so email/comment if youd be interested)

That's all for now, have fun at school kids xx


Box of Rain / Grateful Dead
My Friend Goo / Sonic Youth
Champagne Coast / Blood Orange
Purity of Heart / Krill
Summer Again / Wytches
Look at Where We Are / Hot Chip
Beechwood Park / The Zombies
Crying / Roy Orbison


  1. Ahh I don't have anything to helpful to say about the drawings and paintings you did of sculptures, other than I really like them!! :) :(

  2. The blue painting is my favourite, I really like your style of drawing/painting. I hadn't heard that song by hot chip before but I'm in love, hope they're great live!

  3. <3 <3 I love all your journal entries! It's so odd that's summer's drawing to a close, it really hasn't set in yet.


  4. I love reading your blogposts; they're always so interesting and full of great drawings. Thanks for reminding me of the return of big cosy coats in the Autumn, I can't wait. :)

  5. ahhhh this is so lovely!!!! you are such a cool human it was amazing hanging out xx

  6. you basically are a too cool being to even exist. <33

  7. I only had seen Kids and I really want to see the other movies you mention, they're on my list of movies to see!
    I love the painting you are doing, the light effect is so interesting.
    And, as always, I enjoy reading your notebook pages ^^

  8. Your scrapbook is so perfect and I love the painting you have
    made. I also really like the outfits you both are wearing in these pictures.
    I definitely want to watch Léon - Natalie Portman wears such a cool
    outfit in it :)