Wednesday, 2 December 2015

I Come From the Mountain

The last few months.. 

I've been to lots of art exhibitions, most notably Goya at The National Gallery, where the Spanish painter's striking portraits appear to stare at you round the room with the same deep black eyes. Also  The Wellcome Collection's yellowbluepink, a saturated room of humming-coloured-light that swirls your vision as you grope your way around the room.

I saw The Wytches at a Garage gig on Thursday, which was so good, and I bumped into the lovely Mona, who was also at Thee Oh Sees and Total Control at The Forum on Monday (which was even better). 

I am listening to Jarvis Cocker's Radio 4 Wireless Nights and Sunday Services every night - it feels like a surreal underwater sleepover club for everyone who has trouble sleeping. 

I'm thinking about Dance and keeping a separate sketchbook for how dancing makes people feel and I'm going to draw people at parties dancing and it's all exciting.

 I Come From The Mountain (Autumn Playlist)

Lupine Ossuary / Thee Oh Sees

Rock Bottom / King Krule

Song for Woody / Bob Dylan

No Werewolf / Allah Las

Damaged / Primal Scream

Listen to this if you ever feel sad and don't let winter get to you.


  1. There's something about the Incredulity of St Thomas one. I winced and had to look away for a second. It's so visceral. Amazing. Your sketchbooks are always amazing.


    This Kid Is Alright

  2. so good, love seeing your amazing sketchbooks as always. I sense there's less colour and more text creeping in lately

    1. yeahh i have more to say and winter is draining all the colour out

  3. your art is the definition of magnificent, great playlist too. xx

  4. This post makes me wanna dance and go to more art shows heh

  5. i love your artwork soooo much!!

    x inés