Saturday, 23 November 2013

blue eyebrows evri dai

hello friends, today I went radical and coloured my eyebrows blue because I had too many essays and a pile of art coursework which needed ignoring. The results weren't as radical as I was expecting due to the fact that I have dark hair but I have now realised that as soon as I get out of my super strict school that won't let me dye my hair, I am going all out on my eyebrows. Maybe I'll bleach them and go powder-pink; Ceaser-Flickerman style..
join my in the eyebrow revolution, it's weird and cool and new (to me) and you'll get really weird looks if you decide to go out in public with them. (some stranger called me 'smurf-brows' on the bus today.. I didn't find it very witty tbh)

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