Monday, 11 November 2013

swim deep oh bby

On Friday me and Rachel headed over to Shepherds Bush O2 to see SWIM DEEP AND WOLF ALICE LIVE with another supporting group called Sundara Karma who were great as well. We met some other people when we got there and then went inside but we were all furiously disappointed because they were not selling the beautiful Swim Deep merch socks which I have been on a quest to find for what seems like an age. 
But I had previously bleached those lovely SD waves into the back of my denim jacket which I wore with pride that night.
Anyway all the acts were amazing and although it was one of the most suffocating, squashed and boiling-hot gigs I've ever been to, it was so worth it. We got quite near the front so we could see all of them especially the golden glow of Zachary's glorious hair and they were all perfect and then it rained silver at the finale at the end when they played King City. It was lovely. And then it was over, and we all ran round the building to get to the stage door, where we met (what I mean is we kind of just screamed at them and panicked) ALL OF SWIM DEEP AND WOLF ALICE AND EVERYONE ELSE:
They were all so lovely to us ..especially Higgy (who is my new favourite SD member) who drew Rachel a picture and let us scream at him and take hundreds of pictures. He was very cool with us so muchos gracias to Higgy my fave <3

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