Saturday, 22 February 2014

Peace and Love

♥ Me n Doug in a friendly headlock 
I just realised I haven't mentioned the most glorious thing ever that happened to me about a week ago..
Peace are one of my favourite bands ever; they all have the most beautiful clothes and hair, and their music's pretty fab as well. So on Thursday, a friend of mine asked me to come to the Fly Awards to see Peace live so I was super excited. Then, when I got there, I realised it was not only Peace performing, but Bombay Bicycle Club and The Horrors too!!!!! We were sitting on the 1st level above the stage and then we looked down on the ground-floor and Peace and all their girlfriends were sitting right there at a table and they waved at us omg it was beautiful.

Peace played and oh it was heavenly, Harrison Koisser wore a super-cool technicolour jumper and a striped polo neck with the the most enviable black jacket and silvery shoes. They played a mix of several songs from 'In Love' and then they covered a Fatboy Slim song (which was my childhood jam) so it was pretty much perfect. 
Bombay Bicycle Club played songs from their new album, including Feel and Carry Me which was great.
The Horrors had the most over-whelming but brilliant light-show, with mulitcoloured rays exposing the smoky-black silhouettes of the band members as they played 'Still Life'. All in all it was super cool, but to top it all off, we waited by the back doors at the end, AND THEN SUDDENLY DOUGLAS CASTLE APPEARED.
He was wearing a tweed jacket and black polo neck, with a little spiky gold-cross around his neck, and it was all very lovely; he came over to us and we had the nicest conversation about how we'd seen Peace live last year and then he complemented my jumper and it was *delicious*. As I got the bus home I was heavily star-struck and listened to California Daze at least 5 times before I could consider going to sleep. 


  1. this sounds beautiful, gahhh so happy for you!x xx


  2. Wow this sounds amazing, thank you for introducing me to their music too!!