Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Witching Hour

As the long nights go on, I repeatedly find myself wearing black clothing, matched with my witch sandals or platform black boots, to match my mood. No, I don't watch American Horror Story, but from tumblr I can deduce that they all wear some fab flowing witchy garments that I would love to own. I am merely trying to replicate the 'Quinn the Brain' Daria episode, because I'm so deep and intellectual. (pls understand my sarcasm here.)
Think Meadham Kirchhoff AW13 and The Addams Family. 
Oh Wednesday if only I had a peter-pan-collar-dress like you do <3 babe <3
I also really like the new Cheap Monday 'New Doom' collection thing that was shown at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, but that might be because I have a proper crush on Margot Tenenbaum and the collection has a very winter-y vibe.
Sorry, my brain is a bit dead after a dreadful start of the week at school so I'm not sure I can properly form comprehendable sentences right now..

I am wearing an anarchy top made by some art student in the 80s, a Rachel Riley skirt and New Look witch sandals with glittery tights and my cross necklace. 

Sources: The Addams Family, 2x Meadham Kirchhoff collections, 'New Doom' Cheap Monday 2014, Christian Dada AW13/14, Valentino AW13/14, AW14/15, Alexa Chung.

Oh Quinn, as Head of the Fashion Club, I commend you. <3


  1. This post is so cool, I love your outfit <3

  2. you look amazing! those shoes, oh my...:''')

  3. I feel you with all black at the moment. Oh Wednesday <3

  4. such pretty sandals <3 and omg I watched the first ep of american horror story the other day, so so scary

  5. perfect perfect perfect. love your tights x

  6. i love your outfit here and all the pictures a lot xx