Monday, 16 June 2014

I Wrote A Hit Play

"Jordana Bevan's only major flaws are her sporadic bouts of eczema"
I saw Arcade Fire live at Earl's Court recently and it was so great; they played a Smiths cover ('London') while the keyboard player danced onstage with a holographic box on his head that showed a video of Morrissey's face. Then they played one of my favourite songs, Haiti, and a technicolour video of jungles and rainbow rivers played behind them. The whole thing was really really weird but I had such a fab time. 

Then I spent yesterday reading the Wes Anderson Collection, writing lots of penpal letters, reading The Catcher in The Rye and getting super excited because I was sent Peace's new single 'Money' today on vinyl and it was signed by Doug, Harrison, Sam and Dom. <3 peace and luv 4everandever <3

I also rewatched Rushmore, Amelie and Submarine this last week and I just love those films so so much. They have perfect soundtracks and very on-point characters not to mention the script <3 <3

I've been doing lots of art and weird stupid doodles recently although it's all pretty useless but it fills up my time when I should be revising and making art keeps me going so here are some scans~~ and I also made a mini-zine that is sort of about the fabbest internship ever that I am doing at this tip top London art gallery in summer (the gallery girl who works there recognised my Tracey Emin t-shirt on the first day and it was lovely).

snip snap snip

"Deep Blue 1996"
Farewell friends and next time I write a post I will be free of all exams for 10 blissful weeks xoxo 


  1. Your art is AMAZING! teach me o.O hahaha

  2. Your doodles are beautiful! Love your journal!
    xx Inés

  3. georgiana these are amazing <333 you are so talented xx

  4. I love your art so much!!

  5. your art is amazingggg!! i especially love the one on the 20th of may. i was on an anti-technology frenzy (i have no idea why) so i missed an email announcing peace's new album and didn't see until the vinyl was all sold out- but i'm still super excited to get it digitally.


    1. Thank you so much aww!! yess it's so great ~~