Monday, 22 September 2014

Sinead ✩

On Saturday, I met Sinead on a cute trip to Brick Lane, where we saw some live music and talked about fun things and looked round the shops. We also bumped into Dani and some pals momentarily which was strange but sweet~~~
Sinead and I went to Rough Trade and some vintage shops, talking about art and FKA Twigs and it was super lovely and sunny!! We then spontaneously walked into a Pop-Up shop and Sinead Harnett and MNEK were singing there; we watched both sets and they were both soo good~ we spoke to them after, which was so fun because they were really friendly. We also wandered around some clothes and record stores and Sinead's outfit was too cute <33 
I took lots of photos of our day:

Sinead Harnett after her set (from Sinead's phone)
Sinead Harnett
Sketchbook page from the day xxx
(Sinead's photo)

All in all it was a very beau day and great to meet Sinead!1 Check out her blog because her little drawings are the sweetest, most on-point thing ever ~~ The End -G


  1. such qt's <3 i love your jacket omg

  2. the windbreaker OMG!!!! also rly luvv all of ur pictures they're so cute!!!

  3. if there's one thing I love more than anything in the world, it's qts from internet hanging out together and talking about stuff they like <3
    You and Sinead look totally cute
    and I love the sketches you did, I wish I could draw as I watched music like you

  4. It seems such a lovely day ^_^