Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lemonade Lake

Harrison Koisser is really important
~~Peace at Reading fest~~
Everything's very strange, some of my friends are already turning 17 and I'm not ready to think about life and real responsibilities and the exams I'm taking in the future actually meaning something THAT WILL AFFECT MY LIFE (??) no no not for me, I want to be 16 forever and not think about real life and university (although it sounds exciting) and I just want to make art in my bedroom.

I have too much homework to be able to do embroidery and sketching for myself during schooltime which is super depressing because now I feel like very unimaginative and brain-dead from too many history essays and not enough art. I've done some pages in my big book but I feel like nothing's original or anything to be proud of at the moment so I hope I'll get over it.
But I did this super cool collab with the very-talented Areena, inspired bLupita Nyong'o and Sylvia Plath(!!! ) below:

I've been listening to lots of Cherry Glazerr, Jungle, Rock and Roll Nightclub Mac Demarco, The Wytches, The Doors, and Bob Dylan, because Bob will always be there to sing the soundtrack of change in my life and I listened to all his records when I had friends round to play for a week-long of summer, so it's very nostalgic <333

But also Autumn is coming and that means wearing a coat indoors is acceptable again, I can wear thick jumpers 24/7, drink lots of tea without being uncomfortably warm and there will be crunchy leaves and apple crumble and Halloween and then it's almost Christmas (!!)

I'm excited about school sixth form because I read a lot of Virginia Woolf over the summer, and now we're studying To The Lighthouse: one of her more Modernist-movement novels which is so interesting. I also listened to all of Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures late on a sunday night and they're so well articulated about the contemporary art world: it made me super excited for Grayson's NPG exhibition this year <3

Monochrome ygm
Bye friends


  1. Lovely post!
    xx inés

  2. totally luvin ur outfit nd more importantly uR PANTS

  3. Those trousers are amazing

    I love your handwriting too
    You and Caitlin Hazell have amazing journals

  4. Woooo our artwork collab <3