Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Seen and Not Seen

I have just got back from an inter railing trip round Europe with some friends which was the loveliest thing, and I've filled a sketchbook and a half this summer so far. We visited Paris for a day and then Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and finally Budapest: going to art galleries and exploring all day, plus hours and hours of train journeys.

I also went on a day trip to Dungeness to see Derek Jarman's home by the beach and wander between the lighthouses and the huge power station. There was a perpetual wind blowing and Prospect Cottage's black and yellow silhouette stood out against the orange wildflowers and stone sculptures. It was v sad as well as beautiful seeing Jarman's deserted garden preserved as he grew it and reading the Donne poem carved on the wall among the plants.

 Thou, sun, art half as happy as we,
               In that the world's contracted thus.
         Thine age asks ease, and since thy duties be
         To warm the world, that's done in warming us.
Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere;
This bed thy center is, these walls, thy sphere.


(Also my portrait is finally on show in the room before the BP Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London!)

I am listening to..
Elliott Smith / XO
Blood Orange / Freetown Sound
Parquet Courts / Human Performance

Good luck for anyone getting their exam results in two days!!
from G


  1. Your art and journals always inspire me so so much, good luck w/ exams too!

  2. Your journals are amazing!! Also I love the white shoes your wearing

  3. the photographs you've taken are wonderful! i love the pages of your sketchbook too. keep it up!

  4. I always feel a bit jelly of you because you are so talented drawing, and now, you tell me that you had done a Intrarail trip! It's my dream!