Thursday, 30 March 2017

I See A Moth

Waiting for bluebells, Spring is here! I've been filling up books and doing more large pastel studies on boards in my bedroom. My own sketchbooks have been neglected since I started  my art foundation because I've had to hand in different ones that need a lot of work which is sad, but soon I can go back to them when summer starts.
I've been listening to Connan Mockasin for sickly spring feelings and last week I saw The Garden live at Scala; they did forward rolls across the stage in long leather coats and red and white face paint, while the crowd was suffocating. I bought red light bulbs for  my bedroom and a red hat. Colour is coming back into everything outside and in my painting and drawing !

Hockney bedroom and sleepy girls on the wall


Easter wishes to all x 

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