Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Aggravate the Ice Cream Man on Rainy Afternoons

 I'm trying to be summery and sunny but I've resorted to taking selfies in my bedroom while it rains...
For all of you lucky people who don't reside in the predictable United Kingdom, you will not be aware of the disgusting turn of weather we have been having this week. Last Sunday, exactly 7 days ago, I was wearing a skirt with no tights and I assure you, absolutely no shivering occurred, because the weather was lovely. Now, in such a short space of time, London has become a flood- it has been raining for about 3 days straight. 
(I am not pleased.)
But complaining is Britain's national sport, so if there was nothing to complain about: 1) All my small talk tips would go down the drain and 2) no one else would have anything to talk about either. So now with my rant behind me, I'll stop. 
(But seriously, British people don't actually have conversations, we just rant at eachother.)

But the rain is relevant to this post because it has drastically forced me to change my wardrobe, my daily routine and my music taste. 

1) Wardrobe 

Once again my heavenly mohair camel Topshop coat (see below) can be unearthed from the cupboard, to be worn at all times over any outfit, indoors and out. (Pyjamas included)
It is my favourite thing ever and I got it in winter last year. It might not keep the rain out but we have hoodies and umbrellas for that, which I will happily pile on as well.
WELLIES. My favourite things ever, I can now get my pink wellington boots out again and although, yes, they make me look like a total moron, I don't care, I love it.
Also, beanies and huge jumpers are so cosy (see Kate Winslet rocking the orange hoodie below) -I have infinite jumpers that I've been guiltily buying throughout summer which I can't wait to wear. 

2) Daily Routine 

Now admittedly, this title^ sounds like a GCSE language writing essay, but basically all I mean is that instead of walking round London in a cheerful, springy mood and sitting outside in the grass and going to the park, I have now declined into a repetitive routine of getting home from school, making two teas, pocketing a packet of biscuits and skulking upstairs to my dark, cave-like bedroom where I will retreat under a duvet and start a new tv series on Netflix, disregarding my homework. 
The happier side of Autumn means my favourite new tv seasons come out, the bugs all die, Halloween happens, and I can eat lots of toast and go camping with friends on the weekends. (Yes, we decide to go camping as soon as it gets cold.)

3)  Music

My music changes from Django Django, Girls, Beach House, Swim Deep, Grimes and The Beatles to Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys, Velvet Underground, The Smiths and all those types of bands, ya know.. Not exactly those precise bands but those kind of moods. 
At the moment, since Monday when AM, the new Arctic Monkeys album came out (I think it's their best album so far by the way so go have a listen) I have listened to nothing else. It hasn't got old for me, even though I've listened to it every day about twice round at least. My favourite songs are Knee Socks, No 1 Party Anthem and Arabella.


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