Monday, 9 September 2013

A/W13 inspiration

Inspiration for the Autumny/back to school vibe for drawings I might do soon- I'm back at school now which is awfulll because I get so much homework, (hope all you kids can relate)- so basically, what with GCSEs and all I might not be as sincere to my blog as I was in summer. Sorrehhh. </3
Pretty sure I wont be disappointing a lot of you seeing as not many people read this blawg but oh well..
I just discovered Freaks & Geeks- the 90s tv show about an American high school and the Weir family, but it's so unfair that there's only one series and now my unstable and rapid addiction to this show cannot be quenched because I finished the entire series last night. #TVjunkie #helpme

Hope y'all have a good start to school (if that's possible) (its not) and please keep an eye out in one of my next posts for when my summer disposables get developed..
bye kids, stay safe
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