Sunday, 13 October 2013

There's so many groovy things to do

All you Americans will probably faint when I tell you that the British aren't really 'into' Halloween. I mean we have all that orange and purple plastic filling up our supermarkets as soon as September is even on the horizon and most young children do go out trick-or-treating, but you don't get the same buzz as the USA does, and in my case, the area I live in makes little-to-no effort to give out sweets on the 31st.
But the best thing about it is the costumes so here are some characters I am considering dressing up as for Halloween:


(see middle) If you aren't already aware of this amazing 90s high school cartoon made by MTV, you won't know how brilliant Daria is, but Daria Morgandorffer is hilarious and me and my friend Rachel are thinking of being Daria and Jane for Halloween seeing as they are such a fabulous duo.


The coolest of the cool, Wednesday has always been my favourite film character ever since I saw the Addams Family film when I was little. Alexa Chung's book: It, devotes a page to her whole look and she's fabulous so I will for sure dress up as Wednesday this Halloween.



The cartoon version, obviously. Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo will always be in my mind when I think about a Halloween costume. There are so many groovy things to do <3 <3 <3


THE cutest Wes Anderson film to date, with the most beautiful aesthetic- wear an old scout uniform or a pink or yellow 1940s dress with knee socks. I really want to dress up as one of the characters from this film but my depleted wardrobe stops me </3

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