Thursday, 13 June 2013

go away on a summer's day

(title lyrics are from Holiday - Vampire Weekend)
My exams are all finally overrrr (thank godd) and I am so happy. To celebrate, me and my friends Lily and Nell went to Thorpe Park to celebrate, and it was amazing. We had such a fun time and it was the first time I'd actually been on a proper rollercoaster. We went on loads of rides but Stealth was one of my favourites, and although the sun never actually came out, we went on a water ride and got soaked just as it started raining.
My favourite music at the moment is definitely anything by Swim Deep (I AM GOING TO SEE THEM LIVE IN SEPTEMBER I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY) and Splashh because they're such summery bands. 
             Vacation - Splashh
             Step - Vampire Weekend 
Here are a few photos we took (excuse the embarrassing selfies and my face, thanks)


Running round an abandoned theme park sounds amazing, like the scene in Submarine where Oliver Tate and Jordana stay out all night burning sparklers and roman candles. I've been looking at loads of fairground and theme park pictures and inspiration because I think it's all so pretty and cool.

Also, right now I think I am in love with Zachary Robinson, the drummer from Swim Deep. I actually think he's prettier than most girls, he's so gorgeous. Only about 90 days till I'll see him live in London I physically can't wait- just check out dat hairrr and his fashion sense <3


  1. this looks so cute, im going to see swim deep in september too! so excited

    1. in london?! theyre amazing, im so happy about it x

    2. yeah at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire! Same :) x

  2. OMG I love submarine so much...literally watched it yesterday haha!

    1. its my favourite film of all time omg ik it off by heartt-love your blog!