Saturday, 8 June 2013

Keaton the Introvert

Lyrics from Small Hands -by Keaton Henson
Since the release of his new album 'Birthdays', I feel it is the time to express my love for Keaton Henson. Poet, illustrator and singer, his albums incorporate all of his skills perfectly and his music is beautiful. He sings quiet, shaky guitar melodies matched with his similar vocals, singing about his own thoughts and memories, and does most of the production himself. A few months ago, there was an exhibition in Soho displaying his drawings and some soundtracks, but I never went (which is one of my biggest regrets). He has only ever performed live about twice, never gives interviews and became an illustrator, selling his work online because he is a total introvert. 
Recently I read a rare interview with Loud and Quiet magazine, and rather than answering in person, he sent them a drawing answering all the questions. I love his artwork and style of drawing, and wish I could draw like him:

My 2 favourite songs by him are 'You' from his new album and 'Small Hands' from his first album which is called Dear. Everyone should listen to him because he's perfect.

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