Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lost in Translation

The other day I watched Lost in Translation,  which is a movie about ''a neglected wife (Scarlett Johansson) and a failing film star (it's Bill Murray, you have to watch it because he's brilliantt) meeting in Tokyo and sharing an unlikely bond'' -at least, that's how IMDb describes it. It was so cute, I loved it and the ending  was perfect(Although I felt I should have been really unsatisfied with it.)
My favourite scenes were when Scarlett Johansson just sits by her hotel window and looks at the view because it's so amazing looking down at Tokyo from so high up.
The city lights and late night/early morning scenes create a quiet, sleepy atmosphere, and (because I am obsessed with movie soundtracks) all the music they chose for it fit it so perfectly. My new favourite songs from the soundtrack, that I think really sum up the film are:

Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Alone in Ktoyo - Air
More Than This - Roxy Music

The whole thing felt very muffled and tired, which I really liked because it expressed the mood of the two main characters perfectly, and seeing as it is set in the middle of a very busy city, was greatly contrasted. I literally know nothing about Tokyo and it all seems so foreign and far away, which was exactly what the theme of Lost in Translation is, so I found it really easy to relate to. In conclusion, this is now one of my favourite films and I recommend it to anyone. It was the perfect movie to watch late at night and fall asleep to, (which is how I first watched it) but it's not boring at all, so go watch it.


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