Sunday, 5 May 2013

stay away from the jellies

Casio watch and vintage camera

Okay so I'm sorry I haven't posted for ages but I've got to start revising for my end of year exams and all that, and I've been given another huge art project to be doing. The project's title is 'FUSION' and to be honest I can't think of a single idea of what to do (the liquid photos above are all I've got). PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any ideas, comment below? I'll love you forever and be your best friend. 
Anyway, these few days I haven't really done anything of interest, so I have no idea what to blog about and I've decided to talk about some styles that have been cropping up for summer.

One tiny part of me thinks these are really cool and I should buy a pair, but then I check myself and push that thought out of my mind, because really? Jelly shoes? Who thought it would be a good idea to bring these back into fashion.. Especially the transparent, glittery ones. I don't want to be really extreme, but crocs spring to mind shortly after I think about these shoes.. We all had a pair when we were about 5 and they were awesome then, but not any more. Especially with socks, not that I don't like those frilly socks everyone's wearing at the moment, but with these shoes? No. I think they can look pretty occasionally, but not in pink or purple and not on me or anyone else except maybe Grimes, who seems to be able to pull them off perfectly.

Although you can go wrong with holographic occasionally, a simple t-shirt, purse, skirt or even shoes, worn while keeping the rest of your outfit relatively plain can really work. I love this pattern, and I have a holographic purse which I carry everything in at the moment from Urban Outfitters (£5) which is so pretty. I think its a cool pattern to be wearing this summer and is quite easy to pull off too.
Urban Outfitters £45

It's quite easy to look very childish in dungarees, but can be avoided depending on what shoes and top you pair them with. For example, a long sleeved black top and black boots can look sick.. I quite like the dungaree-look but I haven't yet ventured out to buy some, because I'm waiting for the perfect ones to appear. All in all, I'm in favor of dungarees, but completely against them if they're long legged. (They always manage to look disgusting).


  1. your blog is amazing i love what you have to say haha

  2. in love with the holographic shoes- feel free to check out our blog if you have time :-) xx